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Olivier Langrand

Executive Director

Olivier joined CEPF as its executive director in 2015. He previously spent three years​ with Island Conservation as the director of global affairs and 11 years with Conservation International, working first as the senior vice president in charge of the Africa and Madagascar Program and then as the executive vice-president in the Center for Conservation and Government.

Olivier holds a Master of Science in zoology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He is an expert on the birds of the southwest Indian Ocean islands and author of two authoritative books on the subject as well as many scientific publications.

Languages: English, French (native)

Pierre Carret

Grant Director

Pierre is an agronomist and expert in biodiversity conservation. He worked for 10 years with several international institutions, including the European Commission, on programs for nature conservation, especially in the Congo Basin. Through his assignments he has supported grassroots organizations from the Maldives to South Africa, Haiti, Laos, Liberia and Kazakhstan. From 2010 to 2014, he served as advisor to the executive director of CEPF, and he is now grant director for the Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands and the Mediterranean Basin hotspots, and is based in France.

Languages: English, French (native), Spanish (limited)

Bradford Castro

Finance Manager

Bradford earned his master's with honors business studies and economics from the University of Edinburgh in 2011 and began interning with Conservation International’s Verde Ventures that year. In 2012, Brad began working for CI’s Ecosystem Finance Division in financial management and grants administration.

Bradford is currently working to receive his Master of Liberal Arts in sustainability from the Harvard University Extension School. He’s also worked as an editor for the 2016 Inter-American Development Bank Infrastructure 360 Awards. Outside the office, Bradford is an avid hiker, snowboarder and cyclist, and has been passionate about environmental issues for his entire life.

Languages: English, Spanish

Antonia Cermak-Terzian

Director, Grants Management

Born and raised near the picturesque mountains of Switzerland, Antonia has long valued the importance and beauty of the natural world. She has a master’s in business management from the University of Geneva and a master’s in environment and development from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. 

Antonia joined the CEPF Secretariat in 2013 as a grants coordinator, grants manager and then senior grants manager. In her current role as director of grants management, Antonia oversees grant-making operations and matters relating to grantee risk management.​

Languages: English, French (native), Spanish

Céline Desbrosses

Executive Assistant

Céline joined CEPF in 2016. She has more than 10 years' experience providing support to teams and programs in the nonprofit and private sectors. Céline has always been fascinated with Latin America, its cultures and forest. She has traveled numerous times to South America, backpacking her way through its different climates, sharing life with local populations, and discovering simplicity and passion for their environment. Céline is also interested in sustainable waste management and solutions to a cleaner tomorrow. She holds a bachelor's in anthropology and a master's in natural resources.

Languages: English, French (native), Spanish

Skylar Hurwitz

Grants Manager

Skylar joined the CEPF team in early 2015 and currently manages more than 70 grants across global biodiversity hotspots that include Indo-Burma, Wallacea and the Guinean Forests of West Africa. Before taking on additional assignments, to include developing video learning tutorials and internal document management systems, he also managed grants in the closed regions of the Western Ghats and Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany. 

Prior to his time at CEPF, Skylar gained experiencing working on U.S.-government grants as the Energy and Environment program assistant at the National Association of Regional Councils. Additional past experience includes a position as the Washington, D.C., Regional Community Outreach Specialist for AFS Intercultural Programs and time with the Security Advisory Services Division at Command Consulting Group. Skylar graduated cum-laude from American University with a Bachelor of Arts in international studies for global environmental policy.

Languages: English, French, Italian (limited)

Nina Marshall

Senior Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Outreach

With an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Harvard and a master’s in forest science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Nina started her career with a focus on ethnobotany and plant trade. She spent nearly 12 years working on wildlife trade issues for several different organizations including WWF, IUCN and the wildlife trade monitoring program TRAFFIC, with posts in Belgium, South Africa and Kenya. She has extensive experience in east and southern African conservation issues, and extended that knowledge to West Africa through her work with CEPF.

Nina joined CEPF in 2001 and previously served as both a grant director and managing director. In addition to her current focus on monitoring and evaluation, Nina is developing a comprehensive learning program that will lead to increased capacity of CEPF’s grantees, sharing of lessons and replication of experiences.

Languages: English, French (limited), Spanish (limited)

Marsea Nelson​

Manager, Communications

Marsea joined CEPF in 2016. She helps write and edit external communications, manages the organization’s social media accounts, and serves as the communications liaison to regional implementation teams and grantees. Marsea brings more than six years of previous conservation communications experience, having worked at World Wildlife Fund in Washington, D.C., and the Jane Goodall Institute in Virginia. She has a degree in journalism from San Jose State University. In 2014, Marsea volunteered with Wildlife Act, one of CEPF’s grantees, helping to monitor wild dogs in Mkuze, South Africa.

Languages: English​

Kevin McNulty

Senior Director, Finance and Operations

Kevin has worked primarily in financial management roles in nonprofit and academic settings focusing on conservation and economic development. He developed his passion for conservation and the outdoors while camping, hiking and climbing in the Appalachian mountains and applies this passion and his experience to help solve conservation issues.

Languages: English

Deborah Miller

Grants Manager

Deborah joined CEPF in 2017 as a grants manager for the Eastern Afromontane, Guinean Forests of West Africa and Cerrado hotspots. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Lille II University in France and specialized in Human Resources Management at London Metropolitan University. 

Deborah has more than 10 years of experience working in a variety of international operational roles in the private sector. She made the transition to the nonprofit sector two years ago shortly after moving to the United States from the United Kingdom. Prior to CEPF, Deborah engaged in philanthropic work in the Washington D.C, area and worked as a grants manager at United Way Worldwide serving in the Donor Advising Giving Fund. She is Brazilian and French, has lived in six countries and speaks four languages; she is also very passionate about nature and conservation.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (native)

Peggy Poncelet

Grant Director

Peggy joined CEPF after working for four years with Noé Conservation, one of CEPF’s grantees in the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot. Peggy also previously worked for three years on a community-based natural resources management program funded by the French Global Environment Facility, and she spent five years in various wildlife scientist positions for Namibian and British institutions.
Peggy is a tropical agronomist, having received her Master of Science from the Resource Ecology Group at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands. At CEPF, Peggy is the grant director for the Guinean Forests of West Africa Hotspot and the Cerrado Hotspot. She is also supporting the implementation of CEPF’s monitoring and evaluation program at global level.

Languages: English, French (native)

Daniel Rothberg

Grant Director

Dan has worked for CEPF since 2009, and has been involved in international development since 1990. He is most interested in how communities address the challenges of collective action, whether those be managing limited water supply or working together to manage a unique habitat. Prior to CEPF, he spent 13 years in the world of USAID-funded contracts, and he seeks to apply that experience to improve the project management abilities of our grantees. Dan is currently the grant director for the Eastern Afromontane and Wallacea hotspots.

Languages: English, Indonesian

Julie Shaw

Director, Communications

A journalist and communicator throughout her career, Julie joined the CEPF communications team as a writer/editor in 2008, and became communications director in 2010. Prior to working with CEPF, she was an editor for the Washington Examiner newspaper in Washington, D.C, and she also previously worked for the Newark Advocate newspaper in Ohio, the National Groundwater Association and the Ohio Historical Society.

Julie has a Master of Science in journalism from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Miami University, with a minor in Spanish. For her master’s program, Julie traveled to Uganda in 2004 to work as a writer and editor for the Ugandan newspaper The Weekly Observer, and developed an immense respect for the country’s people, and especially the journalists, as well as its natural wonders.

Languages: English, Spanish (limited)

Jack Tordoff

Managing Director

As the managing director of CEPF, Jack is responsible for ensuring efficient and strategic grant-making in all biodiversity hotspots where CEPF invests. In addition to supervising CEPF’s team of grant directors, he has direct responsibility for CEPF’s portfolio in the Indo-Burma Hotspot. Jack joined CEPF in 2009, as a grant director for the Asia-Pacific region, having previously spent 10 years with BirdLife International. He also worked as a consultant on several World Bank-supported initiatives, including studies of the biodiversity implications of development plans in Vietnam and Mongolia. Jack graduated from Oxford University and completed postgraduate studies at Cambridge University.

Languages: English, French (limited), Vietnamese (limited)

Nicole Zach

Finance Coordinator

Nicole graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and business management with a concentration in finance and a minor in environmental studies. During her time at Parkside, Nicole served as a member and then president of the Parkside Environmental Club. Prior to joining CEPF, Nicole worked as a staff accountant at Foley & Lardner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She spent June through August 2015 volunteering at SANCCOB in Cape Town, South Africa, rehabilitating African penguins and various other seabirds.

Languages: English

Michele Zador
Grant Director

Michele has served as a grant director for most of CEPF’s portfolios in the Americas since 2001. Her work at CEPF seeks to promote integrated and long-term approaches to biodiversity conservation that build local capacity; promote community development and policy mainstreaming; and foster financial, social and institutional sustainability. Prior to joining CEPF, Michele worked on a variety of short- and long-term assignments worldwide for USAID and The World Bank with expertise in biodiversity conservation, coastal zone management, natural disaster prevention, and monitoring and evaluation. Her degrees in international environmental policy and the environmental science are from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. Michele is currently the grant director for the East Melanesian Islands and Tropical Andes. 

Languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese (limited)

Regional Implementation TeamS

James Tallant, RIT Manager
Bangkok, Thailand

Guinean Forests of West Africa
Tommy Garnett, RIT Team Leader
BirdLife International
Accra, Ghana
Mediterranean Basin
Liz Smith, RIT Manager
BirdLife International 
Middle East Office

Tropical Andes
Imke Oetting, RIT Manager
La Paz, Bolivia

West Java, Indonesia​​


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