Protecting Nature's Hotspots for people and prosperity

2009 Annual Report

Message from the Partners

09 Highlights
Ecosystem Services: Forest Pays Dividends for Farmers
Pitching a swap: conservation coffee for carbon offset payments.

50,000 seedlings on forestry plot with mountains in backgroundsustainable forestry: Armenians plan a future with trees

In the mountainous country of Armenia, people have teamed up to restore native tree cover.
 Women weaving
Livelihoods: New skills benefit people, park
Villagers living on the fringe of the Manas Tiger Reserve in northeastern India are learning new skills friendly to the environment.

protected areas: nations move to preserve resources
In the Sperrgebiet region of Namibia and the Uluguru Mountains of Tanzania, bold steps were taken to protect ecosystems.

community engagement: residents invest in natural wealth

The coastal mangrove forests of Malaga Bay, Colombia support an abundance of life and are being preserved by the local communities.

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