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Guidance for Applicants and Grantees

CEPF and Gender

Gender can influence natural resource use, needs, access, control and ownership and priorities. Consideration of gender can affect the quality of stakeholder engagement and participation, the quality of social outcomes, and the delivery of benefits to project participants. Additionally, it can affect the sustainability of conservation outcomes. Gender can play an important role in achieving long-term conservation goals and objectives.
CEPF aims to integrate gender considerations into all aspects of its work. CEPF has developed a Gender Policy​ (available in English​, French, Portuguese and Spanish​), and also requires all grantees to complete a Gender Tracking Tool at the start and completion of their projects (available in Bahasa, English​, French and Spanish). This tracking tool is a self-assessment tool that can be used by an organization to understand if and to what extent gender considerations have been integrated into its program and operations. It can be used by CEPF to determine interest in learning about gender issues.