Protecting Nature's Hotspots for people and prosperity

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December 30, 2002
Table Mountain Fund Awards First Grants to Create Conservation Role Models
Eleven people will soon be on the path to conservation leadership positions in South Africa as the first to benefit from the Table Mountain Fund Capacity Building Program in the Cape Floristic Region Hotspot.
December 20, 2002
Local Coordination Key to CEPF Expansion
Key to success is ensuring that the right organizations are involved in the right projects from the outset.
November 30, 2002
Rainforest Alliance to Expand Virtual Conservation Resource in Neotropics
Eco-Index, a Web-based, bilingual almanac of nearly 400 conservation projects in Mesoamerica, will be dramatically expanded over the next year.
November 10, 2002
Organizations Participate in CEPF Workshop at Global Conference
Four Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund grantees from Africa, Asia and Latin America gave presentations on their conservation projects in a special workshop held October 16-18 in Beijing.
October 30, 2002
Team Pioneers Coalition-Led Approach to Conservation
A pioneering team of more than 30 individuals from 15 institutions in Namibia and South Africa are working together to establish a common vision and strategy among diverse stakeholders for conservation of the Succulent Karoo biodiversity hotspot.
October 20, 2002
WWF Helps Develop Framework for Investment in the Caucasus
CEPF has entered into a partnership with the WWF Caucasus Programme to determine strategic opportunities for investment in this temperate hotspot.
September 30, 2002
BirdLife to Build Constituency for Conservation in Madagascar
BirdLife International has embarked on an initiative to establish a Malagasy organization as an official partner, a long-term project that will help meet a critical need for conservation capacity building in Madagascar.
September 20, 2002
CI Targets Critical Threat to Biodiversity in Ghana
Conservation International launched an ambitious public awareness campaign in Ghana in late August to stop a growing trade in wild animals for food that threatens many endangered species.
August 30, 2002
Sharing Knowledge of Conservation Priorities in West Africa
The Upper Guinean Forest stretches approximately 420,000 square kilometers across six countries, but centuries of human activity have resulted in a loss of more than 70 percent of the original forest cover and left the remaining forest highly fragmented.
August 20, 2002
Peruvian Government Extends Manu National Park
The Government of Peru issued a supreme decree in July extending Manu National Park by 215,538 hectares.
July 30, 2002
Alliance Makes Strides to Save Sumatra Lowland Forest
Tiger poaching, unsustainable logging and human-elephant conflict are three of the main issues being addressed by CEPF-supported projects to set aside the Tesso Nilo forest of Sumatra as a protected area.
July 20, 2002
Japanese Government Joins Partnership to Protect Biodiversity Hotspots
The Japanese government announced its most significant contribution ever to support private conservation groups by joining the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund in June.
June 20, 2002
Developing a Communications Strategy for the Vilcabamba-Amboró Corridor
Creating a broad, local constituency for biodiversity conservation goals is a major challenge but vital to ensure the success and sustainability of efforts.
June 30, 2002
Survey Finds Surprising Diversity but Warns of Disappearing Species
The Volta-Togo highlands harbor more amphibian species than previously thought, according to the results of a new herpetological survey.
May 30, 2002
TROPICO Ecological Restoration Project
Destructive gold mining is taking a serious toll on habitats across the Tropical Andes hotspot, eliminating native vegetation and filling rivers with sediment and pollutants.
May 20, 2002
Dramatic Actions Advance Vision for Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor
Directors of three protected areas in the Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot signed a landmark transnational agreement in April to jointly coordinate and implement management efforts.
April 30, 2002
Inside Sumatra
Critical Ecosystem Partnershp Fund staff recently stood amid what some researchers believe is the biologically richest forest in Sumatra and heard only the sound of nearby chainsaws.
April 20, 2002
Monitoring Illegal Killing of Elephants
An unprecedented system is being put in place to help determine trends and causes in changing elephant populations.
March 30, 2002
Association Fanamby
Association Fanamby is a rising star in Madagascar as an NGO with the ability to undertake effective, collaborative initiatives at high levels and within communities.
March 20, 2002
CEPF Expands to Nine Hotspots
This year marks a major expansion for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, with grants for conservation projects now available in six additional biodiversity hotspots.
January 26, 2002
CEPF Interview: Serge Rajaobelina
Serge Rajaobelina is the secretary general of Association Fanamby. He talks with CEPF about the organization and the importance of protecting the golden-crowned sifaka in this January 2002 interview.
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