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Indo-Burma Grantees Share Insights During Workshop

by Michelle Wong, CEPF Indo-Burma RIT

 Participants visited the farming site of Hele-crab in the lagoon area of Xiaohai. © Maggie Fok/KFBG

CEPF’s Indo-Burma regional implementation team (RIT) recently organized a four-day grantee workshop on Hainan Island, China. Seventeen participants from 10 grantee organizations in the hotspot took part. 
Attendees shared experiences, received step-by-step guidance on report writing, participated in a site visit and formed a learning group. 

 An expert in organizational development presents during the workshop. © Maggie Fok/KFBG

During the event, grantees learned not only about each other, but about themselves, too. One participant, for example, had a legal background but never thought that his expertise could be of value to other grantees. Another attendee, an experienced forestry worker, realized her wealth of knowledge on the taxonomy and ecology of plants in the region could be of help, too. 

    Friendships were created during the event. © Maggie Fok/KFBG
Because the participants varied widely in their background and interests, they soon recognized the power of collaborating with one another and were eager to form a learning group to share, to support and to develop learning activities that could build the capacity of their organizations. 
The formation of this grantee-led learning group not only ensures on-going learning and support for the grantees, it also helps to ensure that future learning activities funded by the RIT will address the group’s most critical needs. 
“This workshop was really inspirational,” said Zeng Xiangle from Yingjiang Birdwatching Society. “It helped us identified our organizational needs and challenges, and by building a collaborative network with other organizations, we will have greater capacity to overcome these challenges in the future.” 
The workshop was held at the project site of grantee Hainan Hele-Crab Conservation Center, which was recently awarded its second CEPF grant.

 A workshop participant. © Maggie Fok/KFBG

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