Protecting Nature's Hotspots for people and prosperity


Evergreen fire-dependent shrublands characterize the landscape of the Cape Floristic Region.

Though tiny and fragmented, the forest remnants that make up the Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa contain remarkable levels of biodiversity.

The mountains of the Eastern Afromontane hotspot are scattered along the eastern edge of Africa, from Saudi Arabia in the north to Zimbabwe in the south.

The lowland forests of West Africa are home to more than a quarter of Africa’s mammals, including more than 20 species of primates.

The arid Horn of Africa has been a renowned source of biological resources for thousands of years.

Madagascar and its neighboring island groups have an astounding total of eight plant families, four bird families, and five primate families that live nowhere else on Earth.

Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany, which stretches along the east coast of southern Africa below the Great Escarpment, is an important center of plant endemism.

The Succulent Karoo of South Africa and Namibia boasts the richest succulent flora on earth, as well as remarkable endemism in plants.​